Pony car

Car modedelled in 2.49. Thea render hdr and backplate update Dec 2010.


Great job on the modeling and texturing. I love the environment, which is a perfect mix of simplicity and city. :slight_smile:

Very beautiful work, I wish that I could model like that!

Nice texturing and lighting!

I’ve gone back and re-rendered this old project using Thea and removed the Lux renders which were done a bit hastily at the time and do neither the car or Luxrender any justice.

Updated first post.

Great work. Everything seems to come together for the image.

wow @_@, good work!

I like the rendering, and the car paint color too :).

good luck!

top notch, it looks really good

That’s one sweet model & render. Great work.


Maybe it’s just me, but the lighting on the car, mostly on the dark side, looks a tiny bit “off” to me, more in its color than in its intensity… but I’m just nitpicking! :smiley:

Wow, pretty amazing! Beautiful lighting and textures :smiley:

Your modeling, BG, etc are high quality indeed. What intrigues me is that you managed to take the design elements of several of the pony cars and integrate them into a vehicle that is all of them while remaining no particular one of them. Very thoughtful work, that.

Awesome car indeed. What is this car anyway? Remind me of some old ford mustang…

Thanks very much guys, Jose the car is my own take on those old cars. I looked mostly at Chevy Camaros and Plymouth Barracudas. I’ve placed a new studio render from Thea in the first post.

The Thea render is beautiful. As an Old Guy (62) who was around back then, I’d suggest blackwall tires with raised letters in white.

Tried Thea with 2.55 and, in my ignorance, I couldn’t get it to work.

That is very very slick.

wow really great image.

great renders! love the first one

Thanks for all the positive feedback, Callmeishmael your comment on integrating the different designs is the best compliment I could get, although I won’t be doing any more renders on this project I’ll definitely take on board what you said about using the correct period tyres for future projects. I’ve just downloaded a lot of reference imagery and blueprints for a 1963 stingray which funnily enough has very beautifully designed wheels, both tyres and rims.