Blender + Maxwell, love it! Congrats on the feature, great work! :slight_smile:

nice work . i love it.:yes:

I love this! Your use of lighting is …brilliant. :wink:

Now there is a place I think I might actually want to live… It’s getting there.
Nice work, it is very believable.

Excellent work.

Very nice renderings…I can’t wait for the next release of B-Maxwell for Maxwell Render v3. I hope it is ready soon.

WOW factor absolutely!

Thank you all.
@VickyM72, @kowsar114, @Quantum Anomaly, @ctdabomb, @orhanalkan, @asmithey, @bluecd

and thank you Blenderartists.org

This is sweet

Strange, I thought sun light shadows should cast parallel shadows? What’s my misconception? E.g. in render no. 3

Great image! How did you use Maxwell here? I thought there isn’t a plugin for Blender… So did you just export all the stuff as OBJs and import and texture it in Maxwell Studio?


Hi Marco, thank you!:
Please, check Bmaxwell by Nildar: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bmaxwell/
Blender to Maxwell exporter add-on


Serious and proper! Good work!

I can never get the background images to work nicely.

Really nice, very clean. Love the lighting

Thanks !
@JB_in_TW, @Daniel Powell

Pool-House-Beach featured in Maxwell Render website: http://www.maxwellrender.com/gallery/case_studies

I take it you imported your Blender model into Maxwell Studio? I see on the Maxwell Render site that you used Maxwell v3. Do you know about B-Maxwell? Unfortunately it is not ready for V3.

Edit: I just read you used B-Maxwell…How did you get it to work with V3?



Hi asmithey,
Bmaxwell is working ONLY with Blender 2.69.
I have no problem with Maxwell (V2.7 or V3) in linux.


Beautiful work! I am ready for vacation there!

Wow, this looks so amazing, just wow