Pool House

Pool House Exterior completely done in blender.
Any comments and suggestions are welcome

Hi, Corners on pool geometry too sharp and texture stretched. Water shader too flap and glossy, mb need to add some ambilight. And ground material looks too flat and glossy. And mb add fire in fireplace because center part of house too dark. Other things looks good, gj.
P.S. sorry for my English =)

Increase the focal length. The empty area between the pool and the camera makes the scene less appealing. Or add some chairs. I love the mood of the image.

I think a big problem with this image is the pool itself
The image is supposed to have a pool as a main focus, it becomes a problem when the main focus does not look realistic
Real water is not completely flat and also has refraction.
I would use a glass shader for the water and model and texture the pool Base using poliigon textures

Night view

Day view

I made some improvements would like to hear suggestions

A ramp into the pool? Are they trying to kill people?

Yeah , that ramp would not pass regulations :slight_smile:

  • The night view looks the same as the day view but with lower exposure? Try using a night/twilight HDR
  • Add a bevel to the pool, so it’s not cut so straight
  • The materials on the fireplace look too flat and even. Add something interesting like bricks, metal, ornaments, etc.
  • Throw a towel on one of the chairs, make some parts of the floor wet. Add imperfections and disorder to make the scene more “lived” and less CGI
  • Obscure the ground from the HDRI. The horizon of the camera is below the horizon of the HDR image and it makes the perspective on the sides look strange
  • The water has improved, but water isn’t 100% glossy (unless you’re looking from an extreme angle). Mix the glossy with the glass BSDF (using a fresnel node) to make it transparent and show some of the inside of the pool.
  • The wood floor looks like interior wood. Use planks, docks or some kind of rougher wood instead. Google “pool wood” to see what I mean.

I like the mood on the day scene!