Pool Team Logo-Caution Donkey

Hey gang, I’m working on a logo for my summer league pool team. I google’d for some donkey images and came up with the design below.

I’m not after an overly realistic design…just one that would be easily recognized as a Donkey, so any CnC on what I have so far would be appreciated.


lol your summer pool team are called the asses?
or is it just a beware of donkeys caution?

^ Lol indeed…a little from column A, a little from column B…Beware of jackassery basically.

I’ve been doing some more work on the logo. I’ve been trying to model it actually embossed in the sign(rather than simply faking it with a normal texture).

After wasting 2 hours yesterday going about it completely wrong :o, I started from scratch today and found a way to achieve the desired results by beveling a profile along the curve.
I also searched the forums here to find a way to convert my AVI to animated gif using VirtualDub. Much quicker than assembling in GIMP.

Click Here to check out the result.