Heres a pool table table i was working on came back to it and added some stuff today.


In real life a pooltable is better lit then the rest of the room so you should fix that but other then that it looks good.

Spotlights have two distinct areas- the highlight area (which is what you’re showing here) and a penumbera falloff. Here are some things I’d do to make the lighting better:

  1. Increase the SpotSi to be greater than 100 degrees

  2. Increase the SpotBi (penumbera) to it’s maximum
    This creates a smooth fade in from the outer edge of the lighting to the highlight area.

  3. I noticed that the lamp casting shadows is behind the camera to the left. If you want the scene to be more accurate, have the overhead lamps cast SOFT shadows, and turn off the shadows for this key light.

3)Create a point light at the far end of the scene for lighting the walls.

4)Turn on EMIT or TRANSLUCENTY for the lamp shade material.
It would actually be cool if you made it slightly transparent, and enabled transparent shadows, replaced the spotlight with a point light and turned on raytracing shadows. This would more accurately light the scene, and color the walls with the lampshade color.