Poor Old Sadie Cat: Animation

This is short animation about Sadie Cat, who’s a cat and an angel but bad stuff always happens to her anyway. But she doesn’t let it get her down. (The animation itself wasn’t done in blender… sucks I know, see below for explanation.)

Anyway, watch the youtube video!


Sorry! The animation itself wasn’t done in Blender : ( I made it a while ago before I knew about blender. I only used Blender to convert the file from a broken mov that youtube wasn’t accepting to an avi using the video sequencer and ffmpeg. But still I thought that was pretty useful. It’s really hard to find free video conversion software so I’ve made a video tutorial about how to use blender to do that, I’m just uploading it now.

I’m certain that everything in the video could be done (probably better) in Blender. The explode modifier would make a good job of the wings for example : )

Hope you like it. Thanks for watching.


Ok so here’s that video tutorial about converting a mov to an avi using the Blender sequence editor and FFMpeg.