Poor render quality - following CG fast track sword tutorial

Hi all,

Am a little stumped here. Am following this tutorial video but when I compare my render output to his (15:00) my quality is significantly worse:

Further more when start copying his colour balance (15:50) mine looks much worse (darker and just rubbish quality!):

Have gone back through the video to work out where i’m going wrong but am stuck! Any advice greatly appreciated! Blender file here - Sword.blend (1.4 MB)

I feel like you need to go back to part one and work on lighting. Here’s a link: https://youtu.be/bpvh-9H8S1g?t=13m12s

Thanks so much for the prompt reply. The video you linked to is a separate file/scene and he isn’t using that lighting set up for the sword video (he just has the HDRI and default spot fort he sword) but anyway, did re-watch to refresh those principals and have added a sun (as he does in the minecraft scene) which has helped, so thank you! Not sure where i’d gone wrong following the sword video but it is all a learning process I suppose! I will have to learn quite a bit more to understand some of these problem solving techniques! Thanks again.

I worked it out! My HDRI was not rotated to the same point his was, so mine had rotated to a darker patch. Interesting how much that tiny setting can impact the difference.


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