Populating a scene?!

I´m curently creating a musicvideo in Blender 2.34. I created the band members seperatly (of course) and now I´m, gonna populate a scene with these caracters and their equipment. The problem is I can append a mesh but not the whole library. What shall I do???


I’m not sure if this is any help, but you can append a whole directory of objects by using right-click. :wink:

I have almost same question, but more specific:
How to edit the appended objects in the new scene afterward?

The data is only read-only if you Link it, not if you Append it.


Ok, thank you!

GAAH!! Getting frustrated. It first says “ERROR: Not a library”, then when I enter the .blend file and again right click on any of the sub choises there it says: ERROR: Nothing indicated.

Hey guys! I found this tutorial:


Read, enjoy and populate. I will.