Population transport vessel

I started this project quite some time ago and this is how it looks like now:

This vessel is designed to transport a large part of a country’s population - that’s why it is huge :smiley:

cool! you show potential for spaceship, keep it up (are you going to ada materials and textures?)

I will add materials and textures, but after I finish the modeling part :slight_smile:


Wow, very cool! I just have one suggestion. Take away one of those guns on the bottom and make the remaining one into the bridge, like the Pillar of Autumn in Halo. That’s what I thought those were at first. You could make that central rod thing coming out the front into a large cannon and put rows of smaller guns on the sides. That may sound a little like a warship, but if this is going to transport the majority of a population it has to be able to defend itself. :slight_smile:

It definitely needs to be defended, but that is a warship’s job ;). And warships will be much smaller and much more mobile :).
My idea of the bottom “guns”(I don’t know how to call them) was that they would be a pair. I was thinking of pulling them a little more apart. Having a single one is not a bad idea, but for now I’ll stick with having them paired :slight_smile: