Porco Rosso

Inspired by the 1992 Hayao Miyazaki film from Studio Ghibli: “Porco Rosso”.

Porco Rosso’s seaplane, also known as “Savoia S.21”

Made for Nodevember day 11-16: red, green and blue

The entire scene was made in geometry nodes using Suzanne as a base mesh and shaded with one material. A lot of smaller details are also added by hand (i.e. uneven lines, highlights, additional shadows) in order to achieve the hand-drawn look. Outlines are done in the compositor with custom render passes that’s also generated(i.e. captured attributes) in geometry nodes, passed through the material to be used in the compositor.


Wireframes / clay render

ID Map, Mapped to 0-1 range (Used for shading, also as a custom render pass via AOV outputs for outlines and ease of additional post-processing/color correction), captured from geometry nodes:

Geometry Nodes

Material Nodes

Compositor Nodes

Higher resolution of the screenshots(manually stitched) can be found in this reply

I used the following as a guide(original link) for most of the modeling, though some parts that are invisible in the scene are not modeled to save time:

For shading I used the following still as a reference:


This is really crazy

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This is incredible!! :star_struck: double plus for starting Gibli Porco Rosso :pig: from Suzanne :monkey_face: :wink:


Wow that’s insane! :clap:


Thank you so much Bart!

AhHHHHHHHH, nodes all over the place!
The final result is excellent. Exceptional work.

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This is a great example of using geonodes for atmosphere and effect. Nice idea, stunning results.

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I can’t seem to edit the post anymore, but I have stitched together higher resolution screenshots for the nodes(you should be able to see all the individual values on them) and uploaded to imgur:


Thank you very much for sharing this masterpiece in such a dtailed view :star_struck:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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that is one beautifull render

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the end result looks fantastic, and that node tree is insane. beautiful work!

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That node cable management is itself a work of art :+1:

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Thank you!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you everyone :blush:

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