Porsche 550 - Just starting

This is my new project, a Porsche 550




Im using subd, because i dont feel comfortable with nurbs, but the best
models I saw (rhinoceros…) use nurbs… :expressionless:

What do you think about Car modelling techinques?

Well, I myself always model with subsurf.

Your car looks good so far, not much to critique yet.


Yeah, sub-d always seems to work better for me too. Never could get the hang of nurbs that well.

You have a nice, clean start. Keep going.


Thank you, tonight I will continue modelling this car.
Someone has used Rhinoceros?

I’ve used Rhino: Still one of my favourite modelling apps. It’s really nice when you need to do accurate models. I used it when doing blueprints for woodwork models. It’s also really fast to use like other CAD-related packages because of its command line.

I wonder what happened to that Blender CAD plugin… Anyone have a link / status report / something?


Try my tutorial :