Porsche 911 UPBGE graphics test

A simple work in progress racing game. All models made by me, textures acquired online. The car uses a racing script from http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com. Made using UPBGE

From the car showcase scene, press enter to go to a test track. Use WASD to drive and SPACE to brake. will post game link


game file. will post .blend files soon.

Looks good bro awesome work bro !!!
How long did your modeling take?


i made the model a few months prior, im still in highschool so working on this is difficult. i have a weak laptop which is why the resolution and poly count of the models (namely the car) is so low. ive only just begun working with car paint and more complex materials in the blender game engine, but with all excuses for a mediocre product aside, the model took me only 1 day to complete (it has a vertex count of about 9000 including the seats and chassis) need for speed is a heavy inspiration for me, especially need for speed pro street from 2007. the graphics were pretty good for the time and it runs on my laptop, so i figured i could do something similar.

Thats awesome bro im impressed buddy yeah Need For Speed well the classics are legendary. They really do inspire, thats a good starting point for you bro you have to prioritise and make time to work on your project asside and only then will you progress !!! Otherwise its a great game keep up the good work it will pay off someday. And the BGE is a good starting point for making a game though its not that strong it can still perform and creadt wonderful games. Stay motivated stay inspired and Never give up finnish what you started it doesen’t matter how your game looks as long as you have a good gameplay then it’ll be fun. And ensure that you work around BGE’s limitations where ever you get stuck with something.