Porsche 911 WIP

(shibbydude) #1

This is a wuick job that I did. I just felt that I needed to get a WIP up soon as possible. I know that the asphault texture is horribly stretched but I need to find a higher res texture to replace it. There are no headlights and the set smooth is there just for now. I am going to subdivide after I save once and then it should look better. The normals are a bit messed up. You can see through the cracks in the windows, and the tires and hubcaps need work. The chrome texture is a little bit confusing. Other than that I need some crits.

(scrappy) #2

you may be able to find a high res asphalt texture here, http://www.frenchtextures.com/fram_gauch_gr.html most of their textures are pretty good

(blengine) #3

its looking real good shibby, some parts are a bit choppy, subsurf instead of subdivide maybe? are u going to use spotlights in your final pic? that would look sweet =D i hope u finish it soon…

oh, and thank scrappy for those critiques on your car he gave u :wink:


(shibbydude) #4

Yeah, thanks for the texture, scrappy. I am going to subsurf now because i fixed the polygons so that they are square now and not round. I had some problems with subsurf and set smooth the way I modeled it but I flipped some of the normals (I think that was the problem) and squared some polys and now it subsurfs ok. Now I need to fix the doors and stuff because I modeled them separate. I am going to have to join the whole thing and bumpmap the seams on the doors and windows. This might take awhile. Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh and thankyou grandpaboy. Critiques coming from you are always so nice.