Porsche Render

Hello everyone,

I was browsing the internet looking at some car photos and got inspired to make a render of this Porsche (an asset that I bought a while back from CGtrader). I also did it as a lighting exercise. Below is the Final and clay render.

Any and all feedback is welcomed


I really like the composition. There’s something nice about the backdrop not being across the whole shot and seeing the reflections on the concrete like floor. Also nice is how the bottom edge of the backdrop cuts at the same height as the rear light and then follows the light reflection over the side of the car towards the headlights and back onto the backdrop.

Any chance to see how you rigged your lighting? Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback, and I don’t mind sharing.

They are three light sources, the screen in the background, the top light, and the tube light on the bottom. For the top light, I used a black plane to block out some light, which gave me the line that contours the car at the top which adds some interest to the shape, because without it the lighting was a bit too flat.

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Thanks @RGB3D.

Out of curiosity, what is the sphere for?

Material override for the clay render.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Composition is so cool, nice job !

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Wow, thank you :champagne: you have a good weekend too

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Thank you.

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