Portable Zip Install and keeping configuration from other installs

So I have many versions of blender setup in many ways and they are all running off of my external ssd. That way I can keep the same install configuration with me on what ever computer system I am using - and I have the exact same files I am working with me as well. So far this has been working out well. Each new install is work - but today I tried something different. Today I copy the config folder over and I also copied this addons folder as shown

So is this going to work out possibly ? are all the scripts for addons held in this folder ? So far the install seams stable and all the addons are working - It would certainly save me a lot of time if this worked out. Does anyone know more here if this way of setting up blender will work out or is this method going to cause problems. ?

You shouldn’t mess arround with blenders LOCAL folder see here https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/advanced/blender_directory_layout.html :exclamation:
You are copying from an older version to a newer version and killing all new features and/or corrected error/bugs :exclamation: Your later installed addons should live in the user or system folder. You also can change them in Blender Preferences → File Path. There was a posting regarding this a few days ago…

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so I am not overwriting any files, Only adding to the addons under scripts. if addons only utilize this folder I might be ok. nice to know about these folders and what they do.