Portal Turret (plus wallpaper)

I did this one just for fun, but I enjoyed how it turned out. If anyone’s a big Portal fan, you can grab a wallpaper version here: 1920x1080

Yay, my favorite character from the first game! :smiley:

I think you did a really good job :slight_smile:

Thanks krokodyl1220! It was fun to do.

Looks good but where is the back leg and the portion of the left leg that attaches it to the body?

Wohoo, looks amazing :smiley:

The only drawback I can see is that you forgot to turn on smooth shading for the legs and the metal frame inside the sides :stuck_out_tongue:

NinthJake - You’re right! Oops! :smiley: I’ll probably just leave it since it was just for fun.

Shane Plew - The back leg is behind the left one, and the attachment is there but blending into the dark background.

I don’t know why, but I find the turrets adorable. Maybe it’s their voices? I’ve been a big fan ever since I played it. I love it, but something seems weird with the laser. I don’t remember much of what it looks like in-game, but you could always make this look more amazing by adding dust particles about the laser, as it’s just a flat red as of right now? Don’t mind me, just thinking of ways to make this look especially stunning! :smiley:

Yes, their voices are pretty adorable!

On a side note- I spent a whole day rendering out a nice animation on this little fellow, but after the first 2 frames, the video was just a blank grey screen. Any clues what happened? The scene is set up fine, and the computer is capable of handling it…

Very nice, I have a new awesome video game background made in Blender, what a great community we have.

I think you forgot to shade smooth on the legs :wink: or its just that annoying bug in cycles… best to subdivide that bit some more. And perhaps the laser is too bright, I’d make it about 50% less opaque.
But still, this is my awesome new wallpaper :slight_smile: thanks!

thats one of my new wallpepaers ^^


although i think the eye socket is a little too small.

I like this work; a bit noisy, but nothing some more samples cannot handle.

Are you there?

Not bad. Does what it sets out to do well. Good.

Flawless! Love everything about the composition.