Ship is crashed, it does not look like now, but it will :slight_smile:


Would you mind posting the .blend file, I’d like to look at the topology of the round portal thing. =D

by the looks of it its just a circle extruded and some greebles added on…

although its starting simple its very intriguing

And some wires too


Thank you for the *wire render

Soon can start texturing. But I must say, that I do not have any idea, how to unwrap my ship :slight_smile:


Hey! That ship and portal looks pretty good and it’s also nice to see an Estonian here so it felt that I should probably drop a useless comment :smiley:
I think the ladders on the portal are too small, unless the people are that small. I couldn’t see that, though, since the ships windows are too big for the ship to be very huge and the people to be very small. Or I just might not have realized that those things are not ladders :smiley:
Good work anyways, I can’t help you with the texturing, but there are pretty good tutorials for that as well :slight_smile:

Cool, nature always adds to any scene!

if the ladders are that small, how come in the latest pics theres a tree next to the ship… make its seem like its a huge ship and huge tree or its a 1 man ship and the ladder is tiny :stuck_out_tongue:

The portal base is appended from other file and ladder came with it, I will delete it later :slight_smile:

I gotta admit that the clay render already looks very cool. I can’t wait to see the texturing! Curious, are you intended to use BI or Cycles (or something else?)?

First texture version of spacecar.


I can’t really comment much on this ship for now. I think the texture is a bit too weak for a crashed ship but I’ll elaborate more after this progresses a bit more. The ship could also use some more “working-on”, if you know what I mean. It looks too simple. I hope you’re not compromising speed for quality!

Very nice,
Like how you’re blanding nature into the sci-fi.
Can’t wait to see the finished product.

I agree, that ship needs more work, but same time I do not want to “overload” it with greeble and stuff, I want it to look slim and fast.
Texture needs work too, it is only first version, but I think that spaceship can not be so weak, that after rough landing its wrecked.

I think it looks great so far. About the only thing that I would personally do would be to give the windows on the ship some gloss, but I get the feeling that the ship body was the main focus of this latest update.

Adjusted texture a bit, I think it is looking better already.


Keep it coming. I’d love to see more!!