Ported version of Gildor's ActorX Importer

I had issues importing the animations with the existing psa importer so I ported ActorXImporter. It looks like the main issue was with the bone roll (psk import). The mesh uses the original importer code (ActorXImporter had seams).

It doesn’t have a custom ui. To use it enter scripting mode, go to the end of the file an change pskFilename and psaFilename. To ignore animations comment out or remove ImportPsaFile(pskFilename, psaFilename, 0, False).

io_import_scene_psa_psk2.zip (17.8 KB)

New version io_import_scene_gildor_psa_psk.zip (12.7 KB)
Changed back to using gildor meshes (unable to import some meshes using original importer). Imports textures and batch animations. Creates one mesh per material (required for 8 materials per mesh limit).
To use it save a .blend file to a directory containing one psk file, the psa files and the png textures. Run the script (uses the .blend file path to get other assets)