Hello Blender artists and CG lovers !
Instead of writing a new thread for each of my last work I will post it right here, feel free to comment.
You can find me on Artstation too just here.

Hope you will enjoy ! :eyebrowlift:

Apollo and Daphne
Using Pro-Lighting Studio from Blender Guru, model scan from MyMiniFactory.


Laraki Epitome
Fan art released using Pro-Lighting Studio addon from Blender Guru, model from myself.


Nice, I think you demonstrate strong hard surface and organic modeling skill. IMHO you should show more images that can be considered “finished” (e.g. contain modeling, composition, shading, light, rendering) but that of course depends on what your goal is.

Mark V clay render

I got inspired by the trailers of a video game which will be released this year (no doubt that you already know which one I’m talking about), as a big fan of historical stuff I started working on it two months ago and I finally finished the core model, I will probably add some details like shell impacts or tools… Next step will of course be the texturing of this big boy with Quixel, expect 2 more months to finish it x’) Any ideas of additional details or fix to make on the actual model ? :slight_smile: