Porting Blender to the GP2X?

does anyone know if it would be possible/far fetched/ridiculous to port blender to this little handheld device, theres some info on its opengl support here http://wiki.gp2x.org/wiki/OpenGL , im not to hot on technical things but to have the game engine running on one of these with tv out would be awesome

what a fucking fantastic idea. go to gp32x.com that’s the developer’s board… I love my gp2x. I’m sure it would work, it’s a decent two chip machine running linux. too bad I can’t code :mad::mad::mad:

Going a bit off topic here noderanger but someone’s already made some vj software for it- so i wont be taking the credit for that one;) , thought you might be interested; check out

if you could tell us what its like that would be great!

it would be awesome to get the Game Engine up and running on this it could be a great way of getting the games people make in blender “out there” and give people a common system to develop for ie no more its a good game but goes far too slowly on my old pc…

if blender and ashsids videotexture plugin were to work with it- its price could make the system a vj’s best friend- especially with its network support [osc] + possible support for midi over usb [ if someone wrote some drivers].

i think i might have to get me one of these. am i getting too carried away:)