Portrait of the artist amused by passing squirrel (Wacom+Gimp ~3hrs) *updated post.4*

Gah, this one was a marathon. 3hrs without pause to do anything. Needless to say I enjoyed doing it immensely!

So: My self portrait.


Done using Mirror (real one) + Gimp + Wacom + perseverence when it looked like nothing was going to come together.

I’m going to bed now.



very awesome indeed. A stirling effort for 3 hours, for sure.

The only twiddling i would do is the bottom part of the nose, and the shoulders look a little small.

killer lighting and skine tone, great work.

Really impressive. The only things I can spot are that you’ve missed out the pink bits from the corners of your eyes and unless you’ve had both arms amputated and were drawing this with your teeth I expect your shoulders are a little bit broader.

Thank you for the kind replies.

In light of your comments and my growing sense of artistic unsatisfaction in any of my work I have spent another hour on the portrait sorting out the areas you both highlighted plus some areas that I wasn’t happy with myself (since I have the reference I can compare features!)


Main changes:
Nose - biggy - changed the angle of the nostrils and reworked.
Shoulders - quite right, they were insufficient.
Hairlines (fringe and beard) - wasn’t like mine.
Eyebrow - wasn’t like mine.
Top lip - got that wrong, too fat.
Reds of the eyes - added.

Small changes, but overall I feel that without hurting the feel of the piece they make it look much more like me (+ the nose is much better).

I’ve left the old one up for comparison.

Thanks again for the helpful comments!