Portrait - WIP

Hello Everyone~

I joined this community a few days ago.
This is an image I created to test EEVEE for a few weeks.
I tried my best to make it but there seems to be still a shortage
I would be very happy if you guys could give me advice.

Also there are two problems that have not been solved so far.
One is when you move the viewport, the bright part of the hair flickers.
The other is that the rendering of the hair becomes very dark over time.
I wonder if anyone ever had such an experience.
If someone has had such an experience I hope let me know.

The following link is an video of the eevee viewport recording.

Thank you for reading.
(I am Korean, so my English is not perfect. I hope you may understand it.)


Tight work

I would guess both the flicker and the over-time change of color are related to more samples being computed every time you stop moving the viewport and being optimized to minimum samples while you move around. I don’t think you’d see those problems in a rendered-out sequence.
@hypersomniac would it be possible to show number of completed samples in the viewport like in Cycles Rendered view mode?

uts amazing !

and the flickering is normal, eevee right now is not really made for real time, but for reducing time during animation render, instead of doing a 25 Minute per frame with ray tracing, we now have 20sec per frame with eevee… im shure in like 1year thoses problems are gonna disapeared

Oh, Thank you so much.

I recently used EEVEE and I did not have enough knowledge about it.

The fact what I understand through your reply it optimizes to the smallest sample when moving the viewport, and counts more samples when it stops moving, so there’s a flicker.

And another fact that I have noticed is EEVEE’s sampling is related to the hair rendering being drawn dark(thick) over time.

As I increase viewport sampling, the hairs are rendered very black
If it is small, it will render to the extent I want, but there is noise.

In the meantime, I realized that the hair was rendered black because I put too much value on it.

Meantime I put the sampling values ​​in large values ​​because I expected that this would render more accurately.

But there was no big change in the viewport, and only the hair was rendered black (or thick).

I have a question.
I would like to know more about EEVEE’s sampling. Where should I can find information about this?

Thank you so much.

Thank you~

Oh I see~
I did not know that EEVEE uses ray-tracing when animating.
Thank you for letting me know it.

What I feel using EEVEE these days is a little different from other real-time rendering engines.

And I can not easily find information on this.

No no its not ray tracing it’s still the regular rasterisation like unreal engine use. You just need in the setting to set more samples. Exactly like cycles, this will get rid of the noise and flickering…

I think , I don’t know eevee that much