portrait WIP

work in progress of a portrait i’m doing.
some notes:
1.hair is just a base to help me groom the actual hair before final render, will be adding eyebrows and beard too
2.also adding in a tie,suit jacket and some glasses possibly.
let me know what you think and any suggestions you have.

added glasses and suit jacket, gonna leave it at that for the day and work on him some more tomorrow. I’ve decided to title him “the professor”

skin texturing and shading mostly complete, few little tweaks to make

This looks really good so far.

thank you!

spent the last couple evenings re-doing clothes because the first attempt sucked, hoping the get them finished and textured tmrw along with the eyeballs

looks very impressive! was this done via sculpting? :slight_smile:

thanks! yeah, sculpted in zbrush :slight_smile:

so pretty much done with everything, few obvious tweaks like glasses handle thingy sticking into side of head, not happy with how the clothes turned out but its my first time doing clothes and this portrait is meant to be a study on hair because last time i tried hair i cried, haha. so i have to get over the learning curve for the hair and next time ill focus on techniques for creating more realistic clothes, so onto the hair tomorrow! wish me luck! :slight_smile: will post more updates on the hair If it doesn’t give me a mental breakdown first.

so I haven’t updated this in a while as the holidays and life got in the way as it does, but i managed to get the hair done over the course of the last 3 days and am now happy with my understanding of hair. I’m no expert yet but happy with the results achieved and am confident I can push it further next time. I decided to ditch the clothes as they weren’t up to par and this was primarily a hair study. a clothing study will be soon. Also as you can see i changed the hairstyle to a shorter style as it was easier to manage and learn with. Hope you all had a great holiday break if you’re reading this and thanks for taking the time to check my work out :slight_smile: