Portrait with Waves

For this project I wanted to really test drive the hairnet plugin for Blender. The main idea of the hairnet plugin is to create a hairstyle driven by mesh shape with limited necessity for further grooming. I was very pleased how much control I had in regard to styling using this workflow. I sculpted the shape of the hair in ZBrush and brought the meshes into Blender to attach the hair system and used the standard settings to fine tune the look. I sculpted the face and fine details in ZBrush. For Retopo I used the Retopoflow Plugin. For the skin details I used the TexturesXYZ maps. I refined the skin further using skin alphas. After that I exported the displacement maps for rendering in Cycles. Nearly all color information is created in Substance Painter. The makeup was done in Substance painter as well and exported to Blender for shading and rendering. Final result was rendered in Cycles. This is my first post here at the Blenderartist Forum. Enjoy! :smile:

Because I am a new user I can only upload one image. If you actually like to see the Hair after applying the hairnet plugin workflow please find the project on Artstation: Portrait with Waves on Artstation


Great work, congrats. :+1:

Thank you!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

@bartv Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!!!