(Rico) #1

Hi all!
Here is my first attempt at doing a portrait of a black person… It’s been an interesting experience. I hope you like it!

For anyone who is interested, here is a link to a “Making of” that I wrote for the CG site treddi.com (I believe it can be viewed in English and Italian) https://www.treddi.com/en/cms/making…portrait/3044/ This is a fairly brief overview, but it does show some detailed screenshots particularly of my Skin shader setup, hair setup, and lighting.



(rjshae) #2

Very nice work. The image gives some mixed messages about his age, but overall it’s good stuff.

(eyalmu) #3

Wow… just wow.

(Cesar89) #4

WoW! this is a very quality work, congrats!

(Mr. Chuan) #5

I love the tension between portrait and caricature, because of some of the parts a bit exagerated. It gives a deeper expression to the model. The inclination of the head gives humanity to the character, breaking the symmetry… But I find the wrinkle over the right eyebrow a bit strange, can be?

Anyway, a superb work. Congratulations!

(garbagegiraffe) #6

daaaammm girl that is good

(Nacho Cruje) #7

Impressive. Everything in the image is amazing. Congratulations!

(nawaf-blender) #8

wow that was amazing
every thing looks so real
can you but the nodes for the skin texture and the cloth

(Habauk) #9

Great work rico!

(threedslider) #10

Nice work Guss !

(Bunc) #11

Very impressive!

(Ralmon Meril) #12

It is very good. I especially like the work on textures. Very well done. My gripes would be that the eyes are somewhat uncanny and the skin doesn’t appear soft and organic. Otherwise, a very good portrait. Awesome job.

(Mrityunjay B) #13

yeah pretty good work! Rico, but that wrinkle on the left eyebrow doesnt look appropriate…(correct me if i m wrong) :smiley:

(Rico) #14

Thank you all so much! I appreciate the awesome feedback and critiques!

@ nawaf-blender: I’ve attached a screenshot of my node-setup for the skin… unfortunately it’s a large node tree so the resolution sucks, but I’ve added some color-coded blocks and descriptions to help a bit. I’ll be making some detailed tutorials on this probably, which you’ll be able to view on my youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2yjJJcNzIrBDqNqRk_UCyA Stay tuned!

The cloth is done in much the same way as the skin, but with different SSS and fresnel settings. (yeah, the cloth has SSS) :slight_smile:


(Michele Marcelli) #15

Really a nice job :slight_smile: Five stars!!! :RocknRoll:

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #16

5 St*****ar! Great one

(nawaf-blender) #17

thank you ^^

(Rico) #18

Thank you all for the kind feedback! (sorry for the late reply :wink: )

(SreckoMicic) #19

5* that is all I can say :smiley:

(Rico) #20

Thank you @SreckoMicic :smiley: