Portuguese Frigate of the 17th century

Hi blenderheads,i´m starting to make my first big project in blender,it´s a portuguese frigate of the 16th century

here´s my first part

please some comments :smiley:

I added some flagpoles


now, flags(i think that is the name of that squarish thing)


try using soft bodies of the sails, it will make the sails act like fabric.
keep it up.

Dah !!!,i used softbodies,the manual way it´s just for n00bs

lol o right, fair enough, i thought there would be more “hang” on the sails with sofbody.

I textured the sails and added a triangular sail,then itexture it

Now there´s an historic portuguese flag(no softbody)
with softbody
now the frigate with the textured sails and the historic portuguese flag

Added a stearing


Now some parts of the boat are textured
The flag was bad,because there were no depht,i remaked the softbody amd this is the result
Now the flag have more depht:D

I didn’t find any pictures of a Portuguese 17th-century frigate. Would you care to post your reference pictures here, or refer us to a picture of a similar ship? You have only modelled the front half of the ship, it seems.

The modeling is very nice where you’ve made detailed work. The stearing looks very nice.

All the sails are shaped exactly the same way. It doesn’t look very convincing, currently. I think your sails’ dimensions are 12x12 vertices, with Smooth on. I’d try adding a Subfurf modifier if you haven’t already. If you already have a Subsurf modifier, something is making the sails deform evenly, and you should try to get rid of that.

The improved flag is just wonderful, but IMHO you should complete and then improve the texturing the wooden hull before adding such details. Plank texture would be better than wood, of course.

I like your ship very much. Once you add in details and texture it, it will look great.

I can´t show the reference beacause i´ve inspirate in many frigates,probably this could be a carrack or a Nao