Pose collector

This addon is for poses collection and reuse at any time, the pose of the data is recorded in bone attributes, rather than by the new action. Through certain naming rules, you can record the left hand, right hand, and the face, body parts, poses individually, you apply the left hand pose will not affect the right hand bones.
There are two modes, one;Pose mode can record pose 2: edit mode can record different shapes of edit bones.

in the future will add icon preview.

for blender 2.81+
IMDJS_pose_collector2019127.zip (45.7 KB)

here is a bone example:(this example armature fits all the naming rule of this addon , so it will shows extra items, although you can use any custom armature to collect poses)
bone_example.zip (3.6 MB)


update to 2.92+ now you can store the pose data on hardisk.
first need to specify the folder
IMDJS_pose_collector(2.92).zip (482.0 KB)


IMDJS_pose_collector(20210621 bl3.0+).zip (532.7 KB)

update for blender 3.0+
If you want to specify the left hand bone that will not affect the rest of the body bones.Select the left hand bones in the part tab and then press the + button to designate it as the left hand.The rest of the body is the same way.and than when you save the left hand pose only the designated bone will be stored

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update 20111129


Hi, I’m interested in your addon but how is it different to having a pose librarry?


my pose library, one pose is saved to the hardisk as a text file,you can set different library path,

you can share the poses with different blend files or send to others.It can not only save pose, but also can save different shapes of edit bone in EB mode.So a armature can be use in different characters.
but the blender build-in library one pose will add an action date.It’s essentially keyframe data, and when you have your own animation data, it’s a long list.

I’ve downloaded and will test. Your examples a fully set up but you probably need to do a tutorial where you start from the beginning with zero poses. Then do separate tutorials for the pose and edit functions.

Great work!