Pose freaks out when attempting rotation

I’m completely new to rigging. One of the most irritating problems I’ve come across is that stuff keeps jumping back and forth when I attempt to pose it, and it doesn’t let me rotate things through the full arc allowed by the Limit Rotation constraint.


Anyways, this is obviously extremely irritating, so I would love it if someone could point out what I’m doing wrong.

Post the blend file please, I cannot tell from your pictures, how are you rotating the bone? are you keying R Z Z for example in the second image?

Do you have unapplied rotations/scales on the Armature in Object Mode?

Cheers, Clock.

I didn’t know where I should upload these to, so if there is a better place let me know and I can fix it. I am able to reproduce this problem when pressing R, R Z, and R Z Z. What seems to make the most difference is the orientation of the viewport relative to the model.

The right picture is from a smaller and simpler file, so it’s probably the one to check. I threw up both just in case, though.

Left Picture: https://mega.nz/#!vBlTSZiB!ijxOXufHFMbhfp_mlBni0KMPJ-tIrqL1dg_CqrLQABk
Right Picture: https://mega.nz/#!Ld0xSDyQ!8YmkWpSE9n069qEPZIwTHR5RkRQNBV6p-oKvtpTIo5M

You can either add them as attachments, click “Go Advanced” then select “Manage Attachments” you can then chose blend files to upload here. I will take a look at your file later today if I get some spare time (who said retirement meant a reduction in your workload!). Otherwise we often use pasteall.org, post them in the blends section then post the link here.

Cheers, Clock.

PS If you are a Kiwi (I am guessing from your upload URL) give my regards to Omarama next time you pass nearby!

I can’t download your file, it fails, I am using a MacBook Pro - I am only using Safari.

Can you upload the file here or to pasteall.org please?

My only other point is are you using Local Space for the Limit Rot constraint? I believe you should be, but need to check this.

Cheers, Clock.

Turn your bone axis on and then review your constraint. If you are rotating on Z then then it needs to be in the correct position to rotate. Bones rotate on their local axis. You have your bone roll set to rotate on X not Z on the item you referenced.

I was using the gimbal axis to figure out what I was doing, but I think clock found the problem for me. I had the constraints set to World Space, not Local Space. I still don’t really understand the difference since this is my first time rigging something, but it seems to have done the trick, so thank you very much!

I can already tell Local Space is solving problems I would have run into later, namely that rotating the parent bone would have messed up all of my constraints. What’s the difference between Local Space and Local With Parent, though?

Local with parent uses the coordinate translation space of the parent instead of the local space of itself if that makes sense. Best is to put a couple bones out there and play around with moving the the bones in pose and edit modes to watch the differences with the constraints on them. You’ll get it and Clock is real good at rigging and figuring things out.

Thanks for that my friend, I appreciate your kind words.

Cheers, Clock.