Pose help. Sphere for rotation. And keeping objects together

I have all my bones set up. They move and rotate well. But I been Looking for this item in program but I do not know it’s name.

It is a sphere that allows for easy posing. As seen in this video. First 1 1/2 minutes in.

He’s using for bone rotation. don’t know where to find it though.

Also Lets say I have an object in a video i’m animating. Like someone holding a bottle of soda. How do I have that move with the person? Would I have to move it with the rig each time? or is there another way?

For the first one, i think you mean the 3d manipulator.
These can be turned on by holding shift, then pressing the buttons in the 3d view header.


There is another way. Set up the bottle as an IK target for the hand. Then move the bottle, the hand and arm will follow. It is easier to get the person to move with the bottle than to get the bottle to move with the person. Or, if the person is holding to bottle during the whole shot, simply add another bone to the hand and skin the bottle to it.

Well I want the person to be able to put down the object. so would it work the same way?

Yes, you can make a set up so the influence of the IK target can be turned on and off. Or, in the case of holding an object, switched from the object as IK target to the normal hand IK target.

Although the tutorial Humane Rigging doesn’t specifically mention holding and putting down objects, it does cover the technique used to switch from IK to FK which would also work to switch from one IK to a different IK. I think it’s first mentioned in the [Mr. Squeegee Feet] Legs and Inverse Kinematics lesson, but you should also watch [Mr. Squeegee Feet] Planning (the previous short lesson) where the planning process is explained.

The whole tutorial series is worth watching, in sequence, since the instructor explains a lot about how to think about rigging problems and how to plan solutions. If the lesson I mentioned doesn’t have what you want (it may not, I haven’t reviewed it) just start at the beginning and keep going until he get to the technique you need.