Pose Library is not working

hi everyone!

I was trying to add a few poses to the Pose Library. That part was okay, but when I try to apply the poses to my character for some reason it’s simply not working. It not moves.

  • I already selected all the bones to create and apply the pose
  • I’m on pose mode

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, because I already created another character which the pose library worked perfectly. Could someone please shed a light on this?

Blender version:2.93.4
Thank you in advance : )

The best way to solve Pose Library related problems is to check what’s inside your Pose Library. Pose Library is an action that you can view in Action Editor. Check if the keyframes are set there.

My guess is that you have an active keying set.

Hey raincole,

Thanks for the answer!
I tried to check the Action Editor, there was nothing there. I created some keyframes manually with the bones in different positions and tried to re-save the poses, but nothing. : (

The solution that worked for me, in case someone that is reading it finds him/herself/xself in the same situation:
I created those bones with Metarig, the simple human option. So, today I deleted everything, recreate under the same option and nothing again.
By the end, I decided to make a quick test manually creating the bones one by one and it worked : )
I think maybe it’s a problem with Metarig specifically with simple human option, because the more complex bone system also worked on the pose library.


Pose Library ignores bones with some prefix.

Keying Sets — Blender Manual

Whole Character Keying Set

The built-in Whole Character keying set is made to keyframe all properties that are likely to get animated in a character rig. It is also implicitly used by the Pose Library system.

In order to determine which bones to add keys for, and which bones to skip, the keying set uses the bone names. The following bone name prefixes will be skipped:

“COR”, “DEF”, “GEO”, “MCH”, “ORG”, “VIS”

I never use simple human metarig, but I guess it only generates DEF bones which are ignored by Pose Library?

Or you tried to add metarig to pose library? If so you should add the generated rig instead. Metarig doesn’t matter once you generate the rig.

You do realize the meta-rig itself does nothing right? What you use it for is to set the correct place and length of bones and then rigify generates a rig according to the dimensions of the meta-rig.

Thanks for the answer 3Dioot!
bu yeah, I already knew that… things were on the right position and I generate the rig before trying to posing my char and adding the poses to library

Hey raincole, you nailed it!
Thank you so muchh! : ) The name the addon generated had the prefix ORG.
So, I renamed everything, set a few quick poses and I re-tested the library: flawless!

Thanks again!

If your animating with bones with the ORIG prefix I think your still not quite getting it. Again the rig in your latest screenshot is just the metarig and no the generated rig.

It works straight out of the box for me, no renaming, if I actually use the generated rigify rig.

Do with this info what you will. :slight_smile:

I see what you meant! Your deduction is based on the fact that it doesn’t have the special shapes generated, right?!
I dropped the basic human meta-rig and deleted a few bones that I didn’t need for my char.
By doing so, it still generates the rig, but it doesn’t generate the special shapes and also it doesn’t create the proper names. I guess the addon script breaks at some point because of that.

I ran another test generating the rig without modifying the the skeleton and yeah, should work right out of the box as you said… if you don’t go around deleting stuff like me lol !

Thanks for the info, now I know more in-depth the origin of the problem :wink:

Just a reminder, if you don’t know how Rigify’s metarig composes, don’t delete bones from it. A Rigify metarig consists of several “components” (each one has a “Rig Type”). If you want to delete something, you need to delete them component by component.

Gotchya! I thought I could go and start tweaking and changing things etc.
I ended up reworking it and applying the rig. And the way it’s right now already fits my purposes, I’ll not be animating it or doing anything crazy or complex with my char, I’ll just pose it, change a little bit of the angle here and there, etc. : )
I’ll dig more into the Rigify subject and learn better how those things work. I’ll take a look into the series that 3dioot posted it seems that one explains well the “components”. Thank you for everything folks! I appreciate it!

And see this as a thumb up pose, just to say thanks again.

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