Pose Library Thumbnails [ver2.0.4~]

Set thumbnails in pose library

Pose Library Thumbnails
Add thumbnails to the pose library to make it easier to select poses.

Thumbnails can be created immediately by automatic rendering of thumbnails, and other pose library lists can be made into buttons to help motion production work.



Blender Market


  • Property Editor> Armature> Pose Library

It can be used in the pose mode of the rig object.
You can select a thumbnail from the thumbnail list to apply a pose to the selected bone.

Menus added by add-ons can be collapsed.

Thumbnail automatic rendering


All operations can now be performed using only the menu.
Manual addition / update of thumbnails of old versions are stored in the “Thumbnail generation” item.

  • Create new & create thumbnail
    • Register a new pose and generate a thumbnail
    • If you don’t have a pose library, create one
  • Render
    • Generate and update thumbnails of active items
  • Update Pose & Render
    • Update the active item with the current pose and generate a thumbnail
  • Update [pose name]
    • Updates the active item with the current pose
  • Removal (X)
    • In the normal deletion of active items, there was a problem that the menu display collapsed when it was deleted, but this problem has been fixed.

Thumbnail creattion options


Render for pose switching.

  • Output path
    • By default, it is generated in the poselib folder at the same level as the blend file.
    • Change here if you want to use a different output path
  • file format
    • You can set the file format of the thumbnail image
  • Resolution X / Y
  • Always use camera view
  • Hide overlay
    • Hide rigs, grids, etc.
  • Use background color
    • 3D View> Shading> Background> Change Viewport
    • Due to an irreversible issue with this color, it will be changed to the default color after execution
  • Background transparency
  • Use normal rendering
  • Relative path
    • You can specify an absolute path or a relative path
    • Moved what was operator settings to add-on settings

Thumbnail batch rendering


Generate thumbnails for all poses.
If you adjust the resolution, you can use it as an image export function for checking the pose.

If you do not want to update the existing thumbnail, move the file before executing it.

Other menu improvements

List buttoning


A button mode for the pose library list is available.
You can access the poses in the list from the large, easy-to-click buttons.

Added Japanese translation

If the Blender language is Japanese, some text will be translated into Japanese.

3D view panel menu

Fixed an issue where the 3D view panel menu was not displayed.
It will be displayed on the Item tab.
The registered tab can be changed from the add-on settings.

Past version

This add-on version is derived from Gitlab ver2.0.3 and has improved thumbnail rendering function, menus and other functions.

Blender2.79 --Github

Blender2.80 --GitLab

Author of past version

  • Jasper van Nieuwenhuizen (jasperge)
  • Sybren A. Stüvel (dr_sybren) & Patrick W. Crawford (The Duck Cow)



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There is an official addon from the Blender creators. I’m kinda curious what the differences are. By the looks of it I would assume that the thumbnail creation of yours is easier.

ver2.0.41 Bug fixed Updated

Fixed a fatal issue where add-ons could not be activated

This was due to the translation function.

Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the delete pose icon next to the list was an update function
  • Fixed the problem that an error occurs when there is no pose after deletion in the pose deletion function.
  • Enabled the Show Overlays option by default.
  • Considered the problem that nothing is displayed when displaying only the rig
  • When there is no pose library, only the new addition & render button is displayed.
  • Display an error if the current project is not saved as a file
  • By default, it is saved in the poselib folder with the relative path of the blend file, so thumbnails cannot be saved unless the project is saved.
  • To save the thumbnail, save the file or specify the save destination as an absolute path.

What is an official add-on?
Probably only works with the earliest versions like Blender2.80 alpha.
The page doesn’t seem to be supported two years ago.

–Character Animation — Blender Cloud

With older add-ons, the only way was to set an existing image as a thumbnail,
In this version, thumbnails can be rendered at the same time as the pose is created and used immediately.
You don’t have to manually create a thumbnail image, and you can immediately overwrite it with the current view when you want to change the thumbnail.

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Fixed a fatal issue where the pose could not be changed by clicking the thumbnail in some environments

ver2.0.42 Bug fix

  • –Fixed the problem that the rendered image file failed to be saved when a relative path was specified for the output path.
  • –Fixed an issue where the pause apply button next to the list menu had disappeared

ver2.0.43 Bug fix

  • –Fixed a fatal issue where the pose could not be changed by clicking the thumbnail in some environments
  • –Fixed an issue where nothing was displayed in the 3D view panel menu when there were no poses
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It still works in 2.91 I have it still installed. However yours rendering immediately the thumbnails with the new pose sounds great though! Yeah the term official was my bad, my brain sometimes :smiley: Is your addon able to mix 2 poses with a slider as well? This is a feature which sadly doesn’t work very well with the one from the Blender team. Since that feature gives errors.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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ver2.0.44 Bug fixed

Fixed an issue where the function to adjust the mix pose amount by Shift + click was not working.


  • Added an option to flip the pose to apply by Ctrl + click
    • It also works when applying poses in the button mode of the pose list.
  • Added an option to hide the thumbnail render button
    • Prevents erroneous operation when you do not want to operate thumbnails
  • Added an apply / update button to the pose list

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the function to adjust the mix amount by Shift + click was not working
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails would not flip when the flip option was enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the pose list was duplicated in the 3D view panel menu

I just released ver2.0.44.
The problem that the pause mix function of Shift + click cannot be used has been fixed.
It seems that the function has disappeared due to a major change in the source code structure.
Thank you for pointing that out.

I purchased it, I’m sure it will come in handy. I will try it out later, when I’m up to do animation stuff.

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first off many thanks for this addon!!

also is it somehow possible to view bigger thumbnails directly inside of blender?
like make the preview area bigger?

cheers chris

ver2.0.45 Update

Added an option to resize the thumbnails in popup menu.
This can be changed from the add-on settings.

  • Note: The thumbnail image quality seems to remain rough even if you increase the size.
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dude :)) amazing, thank you very much!!
will test it out :slight_smile:

hi @ Bookyakuno
does this addon work with only the same single character rig, or it can be applied to multiple characters using the same rig?
for example, can I apply a pose I created from character A which is rigged with auto rig pro to character B which is also rigged with auto rig pro?

Thumbnails are associated with actions for the pose library, so you should be able to use them in different rigs if you set the same action for the pose library.

ver2.0.46 Bug Fixed Updated

Fixed an issue where the rendered image would fail to save if the pose name contained a string that could not be used as a file name.

The symbols below are replaced with “_”.

¥ / : ; * ? " < > |

ver2.0.47 Small update

  • The pose assignment function can now be used outside of pose mode.
  • The supported version is Blender 2.90.

It works with Blender 2.8x, but we will target support the latest version.

Although I’m not the original author, I’ve put quite a bit of work into the add-on, and ported it to Blender 2.80. I’m the one who forked it to https://gitlab.com/blender-institute/pose-thumbnails and maintained it there.

@Bookyakuno didn’t share his improvements with the original authors, and is now making money by selling the add-on on Blender Market and on Gumroad.

Although it may be technically legal, I don’t think it’s a nice thing to do.

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ver2.0.48 Updated



  • Added a context menu that summarizes existing functions
    • (It is easier to select by looking at the function name)

  • Improved the display of the add-on settings menu

  • When the Blend file is unsaved and the save destination path is not set, the thumbnail is saved in the TEMP folder of the OS when rendering.

    • For Windows, C:\Users\sdt\AppData\Local\Temp\poselib
  • Some texts have been translated into Japanese

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the change category option in the panel menu did not reflect the settings on reboot

This add-on didn’t seem to have been updated for a long time, so I updated it myself.
The reason for selling it is to continue responsible development and support by pricing the features and support you add.
I think that revenue is revenue for the functions, support, and marketing that I added.

Users who don’t want to pay can download it for free from gumroad.
Users who are happy with the original version do not need to buy my version.

Technically legal is a way to pay the bills.
Is Bookyakuno’s code not available for the origial authors? Or, are you saying he didn’t fork it right?
Just curious as I’d like to get the newest options and paying $10 bucks is ok.