Pose Library


I’ve got a rigged character which i’ve added a few action sets to. I’m making a few transition actions now and need to get a pose from one into another.

Say i’ve gone into the walk action and added a pose to the library using “Shift + L”, then gone into the run action and tried to add it using “Ctrl + L”, it toggles through the names of the poses but it doesn’t show them and as to setting them I have no actual idea (tried “Enter” etc). :no:

Where am I going wrong please?

Or any other methods?

P.S. Blender 2.49b


Hmmm, seems ok now that i’ve unhidden some bones!


Yeah. Poses from the pose library work on the selected bones. I like to make bone groups and use those to make my selections when using a pose library.

I’ve not got around to bone groups, I generally just use layers, but I can see what the benefits would be! Hmmm…