Pose mode, and rotation, Please HELP!

I was working on the gingerbread man tut. I decided to add to it for my project by making the little guy dance to some music I made. If anyone has done the tiut, you would know that there is only a small amount of armatures in him. Now my problem: I want to make him jump and spin around on one foot. I have his foot and the ground, ready to spin BUT I cant seem to make him rotate in a circle. I thought that if I exited pose mode and then went to the same frame, that I would be able to spin him. Only, even though I spun him and locked each one with LocRot, he doesnt do a thing! Somebody please help! Do I need more bones? (Also, I want to make him jump, so I thought I grab and move him up, also didnt work…)

You have to find and Key the Root Bone; the bone you added first and that all others are directly or indirectly parented to.


Uhmmm He doesnt rerally have a root bone that the others are parented too… Maybe I have to make a spine for the arms and legs to be attached?

He MUST have a Root bone (not one named BO:Root) it is the first bone that was added when you added the Armature, by default called BO:Bone.


Yup, the first bone you made is the parent bone, I had to figure that one out too :slight_smile:

If you did it step-by-step from the tuturial, then it’s probably the left arm (if the gingerbread man’s facing you). As that is the first one drawn in the manual tut.

OK so now I know that I have a root bone, but how do I key it and what does key mean???

Select that bone in Pose mode and Key it, Key means insert an IPO or Action Key with I-Key. Then rotate it and all other bones should rotate relative to it and Key it again at the next Frame location.