Pose mode not moving joined objects.

I have a recurring problem with pose mode. When I make a model I find that it is easier to make it from multiple objects and then join them together using ctrl J. However when I add bones to the model then it moves most, but not all of the joined objects. This leaves some parts of the model floating in space.

I’ve attached a screenshot.

As you can see there are objects left floating on the knee and ankle and part of the foot has been left behind. Why does it do this when the object has been joined into a single object? Why does it do this with only some of the parts of the model, when the rest of it (also made of joined parts) moves fine? The model is definitely joined into a single object, I can select it with a single click and then move it around as one.

How can I join the entire model into one so ALL of it moves when I pose the bones?

Thank you

i assume its due to the lack of weight painting or it not being parented. send me the blend file for further inspection.

bluerobotwalk.blend (6.94 MB)bluerobotwalk.blend (6.94 MB)

Attached. I pretty much have this problem every time I try to use the pose mode, it is probably a simple fix. Any advice gratefully received.

I didnt have time to explain everything, but there are a LOT you need to fix before rigging. go through the video a few times, ill make another one once i get home.

sorry but i really gotta go now.

You don’t have vertex weights on the pieces that don’t move. In the armature modifier turn on the two options in the top row so the mesh follows the armature in edit mode. Then hover over the pieces that don’t move and use L to select linked. The select a vertex that that is doing what you want. Then in the N panel, under vertex weights, click copy.

Wow, thank you. I didn’t expect a whole video! Don’t worry about the follow up video, there’s a lot to go through with this one. I’ll have a good look over the next week and let you know if I need more help. Thanks again, really appreciate your help.

take notes. make a list of questions and were you get stuck.