Pose mode unwanted deformation

Hi all,

I couldn’t find anything to my specific problem so I’m asking you guys.

I’m posing my character at the moment. On the arms and chest there are several accessories that are linked to the bones as well. But when moving the bone it doesn’t keep the object as is, it’s distorting it. I have that issue for several object on the body which looks pretty stupid.

I checked the weight paint, also for the bones around and it’s the only bone having influence. Did I do something wrong with assigning the object to the bone? They’re all linked to the metarig.

Just of interest, how can I unassign the object in case I can’t fix it?

I’m happy for any hint.

I found the problem by accident.

I did the following steps:

  1. Link the body mesh to the rig
  2. Link the accessory to the rig.

When doing the second step the accessory gets all the vertex groups of the rig assigned. So it’s influenced by all of them. Reducing the list just to the group it needs to be assigned to, solves the prolem. Hope this is of help for others.