Pose position from one camera, rest position from the other?

both shots are from the same frame (frame 1) and the character has no animations.

in the first pic you can see the characters hands are resting on the fence, this is how i would like it to be. but when i switch cameras the character suddenly displays in rest position? why?

also if i move the camera closer and hit start the character will go back to rest position.

Can we see your animation setup? like the logic making it happen.

The reason this is most likely happening is because an animation actuator is probably being activated upon the input to change the camera. Double check to make sure your not overlapping logic, and all your animations priority’s are set correctly. <-- This could also be it

Sounds a bit like action culling (means actions will not be played when the bounding box of the armature is outside of the camera’s viewing frustum).

Is there any way to disable that behavior?

I have a similar problem while rendering a scene in a split-window configuration. Only one of the cameras updates the pose of the characters.

There are a lot of complains about action culling. Especially the fact that it is not possible to disable it. I’m do not know the current status of the development.

I guess this might be a bug on that system (-> not taking other cameras into account).

the character had no logic bricks attached, also I just gave up on this