Poser 2 Download

(humphrey) #1

In so many of the character animation forums on this site, the program Poser 2 is refered to all of the time.
I can find a download for Poser 4, but apparently you can’t save/export or anything.
Does anybody know of a download for Poser 2?



(nuBlend) #2

None that I know of, but something better: occasionally, the UK 3D/computer art magazines give Poser 3 away on their coverdiscs. Poser 5 was recently released, so Poser 3 (possibly even 4) may be making the free coverdisc rounds again soon :smiley: Just keep an eye out at your local bookseller…

(humphrey) #3


Those magazine cover disks are good!! I’ve got so much free awesome software from them :smiley: