Position Of Smoke Emitter And Smoke Domain

I’ve got a scene in which text lands on a plane, at which time smoke erupts in an upward motion. When I play the animation, the smoke rises BEHIND the text. However, if I first select the smoke domain, then play animation, this causes the smoke to then rise in FRONT of the text like I want it to.

Is there a better way to accomplish this? Won’t a high-lighted, or selected object appear in the render? I’ve moved the emitter and domain both in front of the text, but that didn’t seem to effect the position of the smoke during animation???

Any suggestions for improved smoke effect appreciated, as well. Seems like it should “poof” more??

Blend file here: https://jumpshare.com/b/d29EA8IJjCu2yWbJMFMA Thanks for any help!!

Don’t have time to look at your file for suggestions, but the drawing of the smoke/voxels in the 3D view depends on what is selected, the fact that you see it in front of the text object or not in the 3D view won’t affect the render at all.