Positioning 3D cursor – aargh!

Fairly new to Blender (from C4D) and Blender’s way of moving pivot points (the origin) is driving me mad. I have to use the 3D cursor before moving the origin, but every time I try to move it in one plane, it jumps around in the others. I’ve tried using the X, Y, Z keys to constrain it in one plane but that doesn’t work.

What can’t the damn 3D cursor have XYZ drag handles like the move gizmo?

Is there a better method of moving the 3D cursor that I’m not aware of?

Hmm look here:


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Oh my god – yes, that’s it. I just want to alter the location of the origin! Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed. Problem solved!

Holding down the shift key and right clicking will snap the 3d Cursor to a surface, and a pop up menu allows for precise placement.

What I like to do is put all the cursor functions in my quick favorites panel (which you can set to any key):
In Object Mode > Object > Snap menu, right click on the setting to add, then “Add to quick favorites”
In Edit Mode > Mesh > Snap menu, then same as above.

Cool, thanks. With every new tool learned, I miss C4D less and less.

Just for the record you can set the 3dCursor to a precise position and rotation in the view menu.

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Great, thank you.