Possibilities using Ocean modifier?

Hi. I am working in an ocean scene. I have two main questions:

  1. How to simulate a model floating in sync with the ocean modifier frequency/movement? (yellow arrow)
  2. I would also like to control the wave intensity in a specific part of my plane. Maybe is possible to “paint” the parts of the plane where I need less intensity?

Thank you

  1. Use a empty shrinkwrapped to the the ocean plane and make that empty the parent of your object you need to move with the ocean.

  2. As far as I know there’s no input in ocean modifier to control how it applies to the mesh. Ive used 2 ocean modifier with different settings and then shrinkwrapped a plane to both of them with the shrinkwrapp modifier using vertex groups to define where it’s applied.

If you only need height change on one axis I’m sure there’s another solutions as well.

In your case I would try to have a ocean modifier, a subdivided plane that’s shrinkwrapped to the ocean plane and then control the intensity by adding a vertex group in to shrinkwrap where you need less intensity.


Thank you, I am interested in point two where you explain your use of ocean modifiers plus shrinkwrap.
So If I understand correctly you use one ocean modifier for big waves, another one for a calmer ocean and then you shrinkwrap a plan to those two modifiers with a vertex group defining the areas influenced by each one.

I have tried kind of that principle, but with materials. I created a material with an alpha mask for the rough ocean and one material with the inverted mask for the calmer ocean.
It is not bad, but I can see the transparency on those places they do not touch since they have different wave heights…so I thought It was a good idea to avoid shrinkwraps, but its not working super…

There’s tons of movement on bigger lower frequency waves that make it obvious that the middle of the plane is mostly standing still, making the transition smoother could also help.

Something that might work that preserves the general lower frequency movement is smooth modifier. Takes a vertex group input and higher factor together with high repetitions can cancel out a lot of the movment. Can’t test it out atm though.

I am not sure if i follow the recommendation

if you want to create more intensity on some parts, what about a second modifier like Displace?

Would you expand a little bit more? For example having a displacement after the ocean modifier? How will I drive the different wave intensities with the displacement? I am super interested is it possible you give a brief description? Thank you

create a Displace modifier under the Ocean that will add an additional bump, you can create your own texture and move it (in the modifier, Texture Coordinates > Object, and choose an empty) so that it increases the height on the part you want, and play with the strength, the texture can be a simple blurred circle (or whatever shape you want that can look more like a wave)

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What I mean that with smoothing you still preserve the general movement of the ocean so it doesn’t look disconnected. You need handle smaller detailed waves in material or with additional displacement modifier, because they will be smoothed out.

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Ok this is fantastic. Exactly what I wanted! I need to go a bit into detail and follow your video thoroughly. But this is GREAT. I really appreciate the video you made thank you thank you