Possible extended use for fluid sim?

Just a random thought…
Do you think that the viscosity of the fliud sim could be turned up so high as to simulate brittle objects shattering like glass? Hmm…


By Broken (and I think the discussion is in the “New Features” sticky in Finished Projects)


That’s actually what got me thinking about it, but what intrigues me about using the fluid sim is that it has the ability to break up a mesh into droplets (Or maybe with tweaking into shards?)

Unfortunately, the brittle part is the problem - you need some way to handle object stiffness and elasticity for this… With other methods there’s been work on this (http://graphics.ethz.ch/~rkeiser/Papers/PBG2005/solid-fluid.pdf), but the way it’s done in Blender (with LBM) it will at least deform like clay. At least until someone comes up with a clever algorithm to do it :slight_smile: