Possible have smoke colors based on a texture?

Im trying to make someone disappear like magic (from live footage) with some standard tricks, actor shot with a tripod, clean plate, etc.

Now to make it somewhat cooler, i made a very simple 3d model of the actor, positioned it on the exact same spot as in the footage, so it can go up in smoke. It works fine, but i’d like to crank it up even more by giving the smoke the exact colors from the actor. Is there an easy way to achieve this? Can smoke emit from the object, using a texture as a guideline for the colors?

Well, each emitter can only have one color, and if you have more than one color emitted in one domain, it currently doesn’t work

I was thinking you could set up 3 objects each emitting r g and b smoke, mapped to the r g and b channels, but I was having no luck.

Ok, I got it.

It’s a bit of a hoopscooch affair as you need 3 separate domains, 3 separate flow objects, 3 separate textures, and 3 separate cache locations
SMOKE TEST.blend (736.8 KB)

Thats pretty smart, haven’t thought about multiple domains… a littlebit of a hoopscooch as you said, but hey, as long as it works. For now i kept it as a single color due to a tight deadline. Still, thanks alot, nice technique!