Possible issues with meshes, that are "not closed", have nonmanifold elements


I was wondering if “nonmanifold elements” (as MeshLint calls it) can be a problem. What I mean is: Image a cube and you delete one of the faces on the backside, because it won’t be visible in the render. MeshLint then warns you because of the “open geometry” and the edges which don’t connect to anything.

Are there any possible issues with going with such an approach of deleting faces which are not visible? I’m hoping to speed up Blender and the rendering as well as make UV-unwrapping easier, when I don’t have to think about which face is front and which is back. (I could always separate the meshes and hide them on other layers, to keep for later use of course.)

Please tell me, if you think my approach is total non-sense.

For still renders there should be no inherent problem. If the render looks go then so what if there are ‘not closed’ elements

Every time you edit a mesh you need to recal the out side. You didn’t have to do this all the time with early builds but now it happens all the time.