Possible or not?: open external files through Blender

I’m just making sure, but is it possible to get blender to open word, or another .exe at least? Basically I want to make a menu for my portfolio, where they can click a button and another file will open in a new window. I cant just use the open file actuator because A: It cant open word documents, and B: I have games ranging from 2.25 and up, and we all know running a 2.25 game in 2.47 is imposable. Any help or other suggestions on how to make a menu, with blender or not, are welcome!

The open file actuator?
I dont think it is possible though
wait it might be possible to open a .doc file with a load script

Yea it is possible, through python.
Just google something along the lines of “open files up with python” and there will most likely be a tutorial. You have to remember that anything that python can do, the GE can do.

import os

    os.system("winword file.doc")
    print "Microsoft Word is not installed..."

I think that might work…

thanks! the working code is

import os

wow this will really help! :slight_smile: i wonder though if u can replace a texture image with a picture file that u selected?