Possible to control or limit distance of gloss and shadow how it affects other object

I’m creating a scene with a room and I wonder if it possible, with the help of nodes, limit the distance of an objects shadow and glossy to nearby objects or as an alternative tell object A not to affect object B but affect the rest of the scene?

I have turned of glossy and shadow in the Cycles setting for an object because I didn’t want it to affect another object and it looked nice, but then it affected the rest of the scene in a negative way.

Curious if this is possible?

Hi 3D-Kreativ,

Maybe use compositing. Or maybe this can help you: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?379831-Different-color-of-reflection-on-different-objects-with-the-same-material&p=2928631&viewfull=1#post2928631