Possible to export Rigs without an empty object as parent? (Blender 2.8 > Unity)

I came across a really weird Problem with Rig export to Unity today. For anyone else who wants to export out animated rigs to Unity and simply can’t get it to work with generic aniamtions:
The problem most probably is that Blender always exports the Name of the Rig as an Empty object as a parent to the bone hierarchy. Unity seems to be unable to retarget these rigs.
The problem doesn’t seem to prevail if you remove the null from the rig - for example in Maya - but then you need another application.
Also (and this is really odd) the problem is only on animations without skinned meshes, BTW. Save a skinned mesh along with the aniation and it seems to work.

Is there actually a way to export an FBX in 2.8 without the Empty as the topmost object?

It would already be benefitial if the object could be changed to an empty joint instead of a locator.
Unity doesn’t seem to mind this.