Possible to limit tranforms to whole numbers?

I know I can do this sorta by holding control when moving objects but is there a way with options (or python I’m not picky) to easily restrict editing to whole numbers like 1.000 as opposed to 1.012 for example? Also when doing this can I have it only accept units like 1m or 56cm and not 1.012m or 56.617cm.


Mouse click in the value box then drag the mouse while holding Shift+Ctrl

Oh! that’s really cool when I place new objects.

But not quite what I was thinking of. What I’m really trying to do it take an object that’s has something like say X: 1.223something and be able to just click to round it down to something like 1.000 so I can quickly move a bunch of points that are all really long down to nicer values but not reset it to zero

I guess I can just alt reset its position then use your trick to reposition it. I was just wondering if there was a faster way to round their positions to the nearest whole with a single hot-key or click.