Possible to make a large game?

Is it possible to make a large scale game with blender? I was looking at the Glaby-rally game and the graphics amazed me. For example, would it be possible to make a large(more than 2 hours of gameplay) style RPG with turn based battles and so on?

large scale and continous? probably not [blender has issues with large numbers of objects, and blender can’t stream things off the hard drive so everything is in memory at once]

besides, it would take years for a single person to do that kind of thing anyway

Well maybe this topic can help you a little. At least it contains a reply that I wanted to reply as well.



You can make a game in blender of any length. 2 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours… All you need to do is split the game into manageable chunks and create each chunk in a seperate scene. There’s no limit to the number of scenes you can have (if there is a limit its a very big one).

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but making one huge game world is prettymuch impossible, unless you have saluk! :smiley:

A 20 hour long game all in one scene is impossible no matter who you are or what game engine you’re using (unless it only envolves one really long tedious boring puzzle :D). You simply can’t process the volume of mesh data required for 20 hours of gameplay in one go. Even the professional games are split up into scenes, even if the scene divide isn’t obvious. Which means that you can make one huge game that appears to be all in one scene, even though it isn’t.

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How big a game you can make is simply down to your skill and dedication to making it (having lots of free time helps too).

Many people would give up in frustration when they haven’t even got the basics working after a month of development. It takes a lot of effort and continual learning to keep going. This is something I know from experience… It’s taken me over 2 years of working with Blender to get to the stage I’m at now. I’m fairly confident I could create almost any type of game given enough free time. However I’m still learning something new almost every day!

Large games are possible if they’re split into managable sections, however like people have said there is a limit to how big a scene can be before the sheer number of objects starts to slow it down.

There are probably techniques to create huge seamless worlds in the game engine, but it won’t be easy. Sector culling only goes so far… This may be just me too, but I find the larger a game gets the more prone it is to random crashes. Just the other day I found adding a near sensor to a new object in Transcendent caused a complete crash of Blender when the game was run. It did this repeatedly until I finally fixed it. Removed the sensor and all was well, but there’s no logical reason why that should have happened…

Thanks for the replies guys.

Blender - unmobile program. Is very bad.
Good in easy make :stuck_out_tongue:
Should can MORE WORK for regeneration facts function blender.


I am sorry pizdec but I do not understand your posts. I suggest that you try a different translation tool.

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yeah it can and is done … saluk and i work together.

google Crescent Dawn Blender


of course whaatever google turns up will be months old :stuck_out_tongue: at least give us a few new screens to drool over :smiley:

Just the other day I found adding a near sensor to a new object in Transcendent caused a complete crash of Blender when the game was run. It did this repeatedly until I finally fixed it. Removed the sensor and all was well, but there’s no logical reason why that should have happened…

Things like that also happened to me… it seems that the more logic blender reads the more likely it may crash. If you want to make a big game then make as gorgon_almi said. Split it in scenes, so that when you get to the end of an area it will load the next.

The number of scenes depends on the RAM memory. In my experience if the blend file has 180 Mb and your PC has 512 RAM then you start to get problems!

I have NEVER seen a blend file of 180 Mb! :o What size textures are you using?? Also you can share objects like the main character between scenes by linking them rather than duplicating them. That way the game will only hold one copy of the object in memory rather than one for each scene.

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“Sharing objects between scenes…” lol i am always learning! 8)

Yeah there’s a couple of ways to do this. You can select an object, do CTRL+L and select ‘To Scene’, but that has the annoying consequence that when you move the object in one scene, it moves in the other as well. %| The other way is to duplicate the object in the new scene, go to the Edit buttons and change the mesh selection to point to the same mesh as the original object. Now save the blend, close it and re-open, and the link to the unused mesh copy will be gone.

This also has the advantage that when you modify the main character in one scene, the other scenes are automatically updated as well. :slight_smile:

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well im still really all new at this, and before i try to actually build the game im trying to collect as much info on whats doable…and well here it is…my game(great lakes freighter sim 2k8) will feature wide expansive lakes to sail in, and im wondering, do i create one large low poly lake…or several as in 40 or so chunks of the lake…it would need to load them seamless…is this possible, if so is their a good tute on doing this and or creating a game such as this?



The transition between one scene and another would never be perfectly seamless. If I were you I would create each lake as an individual scene, then use a LOD script and other similar techniques to keep the polycount down and the framerate up.

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