Possible to make 'meta' code nodes?

one thing I was wondering, was if there could be a way to make ‘meta’ code nodes, that compile to text, but the amount of needed nodes could be far less nodes to generate far more code?

like cycles nodes, but the output of the nodes is a functioning program?

list(choices)(index input)-------branch(math do thing)------list(functions)(math to get index) etc?

pasting in a node group, could have it collapsed into ins, and outs only, and hide 100’s of subnodes.
instancing etc for compiling

Like the animation nodes addon?

yeah, but to code C, or C++ etc,

It’s been done. I can’t think of anything specific off the top of my head but I know I’ve seen something before. the language ‘Self’ is a node based programming language. I remember an early implementation of Small Talk used a node graph. Just search node based programming language. Obviously stuff like Softimage’s ICE and fabric engine’s canvas are good examples. Even though it’s meant as a language for 3D exploration, you can make just about anything in it.