Possible to make objects semi-transparent?

I put a few explosions into a game I’m making, and they don’t look quite right being completely solid. I made the explosion by putting a fiery texture onto a sphere and having it rapidly expand using the f-curve actuator. Is it possible for me to make the sphere semi-transparent to make the explosion look a little better?


Yes, by using the object color option in the object panels and animating its alpha value through an F-curve

Could you explain a little more? I see the object color in the panel, but I’m not sure what to do with it.

when you move your mouse over it hit “i”
Then it goes yellow.

Then move forward some keyframes and change the color etc and hit “i” again.

Then use the F-Curve actuator (or whatever it is in 2.6) to play it in game.

Go into the materials panel, and there should be a section that says ‘transparency’. Check the box, and slide the slider down to .5 or whatever looks good.

Thanks guys. Looks a lot better now.

hi i’m making a game and need a laser beam to be a bit transparent is there a way to bake materials?

(i’m not sure if i should be making my own thread on this if so please tell me)

I don’t know about baking materials, but if you want a laser beam more transparent then you can use the same method shown above.